TruthOut || A Radical Expansion of Sanctuary: Steps in Defiance of Trump’s Executive Order

The original post lays out some ‘first steps’ toward fighting for sanctuary for immigrants in the U.S., including:

1. Sanctuary is now about shared political fate.

2. Sanctuary is not single-issue.

3. Sanctuary can be created through policy and through community.

4. Sanctuary cannot be based in paternalism or a white savior mentality.

5. Sanctuary is no longer about four walls.

6. Sanctuary will require local organizing to converge nationally.

7. Sanctuary will require clarity, courage and spiritual fortitude.

“We must prepare ourselves for the times ahead. We will be persecuted for our actions and beliefs. We will be under attack. The more clarity we have about what we are doing and why, the more we can build our numbers and build our courage. Part of that involves resisting isolation and taking care of each other and ourselves in community. We seek the wisdom and skills of cultural workers and healers to provide us with tools and guidance.

As this new president seeks to take us apart piece by piece, we must resist. We must remember that even though threats to immigrants have already escalated just in the first few days of the Trump regime, our communities also faced similar problems just one month ago. Those of us who already have practice in creating sanctuary and protection for community can make available the very practical tools we’ve already created on how others may do so as well.”

Read the full post here:



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