ICYMI: LA Times reports, “Young immigrants placed in sponsor homes are at risk of abuse, experts say”

“The federal government has created a pseudo-foster-care system for placing [unaccompanied migrant] youths with relatives and other “sponsors” without the same levels of screening and follow-up found in state and local foster-care agencies.

Canizales, among those pushing for more oversight, recalled a 14-year-old Salvadoran girl who was placed with a distant relative in Los Angeles. He lost his job and gave her to other relatives, a couple who abused her.

‘They don’t feel a sense of obligation to the child,’ she said. ‘There has to be some kind of accountability system where children are just not placed in situations like that. If we’re just pushing children out, we’re not doing a favor to the communities, the families or the child.'”

Read the full story at LA Times.

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